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Property - Trikala

Professional area is offered for rental or sale, comprised of:

  • Land: 24.000 m2

  • Ground floor building: 6.000 m2


The property is located in a central area, 12 klm from the city of Trikala and 13 klm from the city of Karditsa, near the shopping facilities of Olympia Mall at the very premises of Agnantero. The strategic location of the property, placed at a central point where Thesally meets NW Greece, further enhances its competitive advantage.


The building is comprised from a metallic construction and is

semi finished.


Plenty of parking spots are available in a magnificent location.

The establishment is suitable for commercial use, company offices,

exhibition, warehouse, shops, partnerships and many other uses.


The property’s structure is consisted of:

  • Land 24.000 m2

  • Ground floor building 6.000 m2

  • Parking spaces


The property is rented entirely or partially.





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